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  1. In order to provide you with better parcel delivery service, we have already launched PostNL self-delivery service. Therefore, you are able to place orders in our online system and deliver PostNL parcels to their business points.

  2. Moreover, considering to keep you with the best experience of our self-delivery service, NLE offers you the lowest and most preferential prices with full of our sincerity. And there is a colleague fully responsible for after sale service of PostNL self-delivery so that you can send parcels with no worry.



1.      Please select “PostNL self-delivery” (PostNL自送邮局) in the system when placing an order to prevent drivers from misunderstanding.

The shipping labels of PostNL self-delivery processed by system, which is different from that of PostNL driver pick-up, neither cannot be picked up by drivers back to warehouse or scanned to the system. If our warehouse receives your PostNL self-delivery parcel, the additional 5 Euros will be charged. Please make sure that you do not confuse PostNL driver pick-up parcels with PostNL self-delivery parcels.

2.      The shipping labels of PostNL self-delivery is only acceptable for online order. Before placing the order, it would be better to make sure that you have sufficient balance in your account. Otherwise your shipping label will not be able to be processed.

3.     EAX parcels cannot be accepted by PostNL business points because PostNL and EAX are totally different logistics companies.

4.     Last but not least,the maximum weight of self - delivered post point parcels is 20KG.Please confirm that your parcels do not exceed 20KG before sending , and keep the PostNL receipt in case that we will contact you when your parcel over 20KG. Sending parcels over 20KG from the post office will be charged a package handling fee of €200.

Order method:

After enter online order system order.nlebv.nl,select PostNL-PostNL self-delivery