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NLE-PostNL & Bpost package after-sales investigation and claim statement

Do you have some problems after sending your parcels of PostNL or Bpost?

We take every complaint and problems very seriously. If your package have any problem, please contact our Customer Service immediately. We will respond as quickly as possible. 

Contact Us: service@nlebv.nl

1. The shipment has no update logistic information

A domestic shipment is considered missing if it is not delivered within 30 days of posting. In the case of international shipments more time is added to take into account local conditions and any customs procedures that may apply. When the shipping information is not updates more than 30 days, Please let us know. When you report the international shipment, we will send you an inquiry form. 

Please note that in some cases it can take up to several months of PostNL OR Bpost to find out what happened to your shipment.

If the parcel are considerd missing after investigation, PostNL will comprehensively decide the claim amount based on the package content details/receipts/package value by you, and will reply to you the final compensation amount. The shipping fee will not be refund.

Bpost generally has a slow after-sales response, but we will try help you.

2. The Package is Damaged

If your package is damaged (damaged, flooded, etc.), it is recommended that you inform the recipient not to reject it, otherwise you will have to bear all the costs and risks arising from the return of the package. 

Once the package is damaged, please take some pictures for the damaged parcel outside and inside. and make sure to ask the domestic delivery company to issue the damage certificate of the package. (If they don't want to give you the certification, just tell them that they are not responsible for it, but only need to provide the certificate and stamp). The damage certificate suggests not to appear the words " the outer package is in good condition". You need to send the application for damage compensation and the pictures to our after-sale service within 10 days after the package is signed for. PostNL or Bpost will not be accepted if it is over time.

PostNL will make comprehensive consideration based on the receipt of the damaged goods, the value-preserved amount on the face sheet, the photos of the damaged package and the proof of the damaged package, and will reply to the final compensation amount (postage is not refundable) and the date of compensation. If the package is damaged due to improper packing, no compensation will be paid.

3. Return of parcels

It usually takes 3 months or even longer for packages to be returned.

Please try your best to pack the parcels well and avoid the loss caused by the return shipment! 

No matter what causes the package to be returned, all expenses incurred shall be borne by the sender.

3-1 Description of Return of Packages

Different regions have different levels of customs spot checks, so even if the contents of international packages are the same, the results of different packages will be different. 

According to the returned packages received by our warehouse, the probability of being checked by the customs is higher for packages generally sent to JiangSu province and Shanghai! 

Generally, the reasons for the package's return are as follows:

a. In the netherlands, PostNL or Bpost was not successfully issued for some reason. These include, but are not limited to, incorrect attachment of the parcel surface sheet (the PostNL parcel delivered to the post office has been ordered into a reserved pick-up package and the wrong surface sheet has been attached), incorrect sorting by the post office, etc. 

b. when the parcel arrived at the customs, the customs decided to return it through random inspection. According to NLE experience summary, for reference only, the reasons for customs' return include, but are not limited to: prohibited items, high value of the contents of the package, too large volume of the package, falling off of the face sheet, commercial packages (too many contents), liquids, powders, etc. 

c. delivery failure in domestic delivery These include, but are not limited to, customer rejection, recipient's failure to pay taxes on time, recipient's wrong address, unclaimed package, etc.

3-2 Return Handling of Packages

Once the package returned to our warehouse, we will contact you by email, allowing you to determine the specific processing method of the package. And you should also pay for the return fee, it will be deducted from your ERP Balance.

A) If the parcel returned from PostNL before it sent to China, please refer to customer service email for details. 

B) If the package returned from China, we will charge you 21 euros for the return freight according to the requirements of PostNL or Bpost, whether you need the package or not. 

You can choose the following package handling methods: 

    Warehouse self-delivery: 25 euros

    Delivery by express: 29 euros

    Throw away: 21 euros. 

Please note that we will default that you want give up the package if you don't give us any response within 30 days after the customer service e-mail notification

Once the package is returned, there is a risk of loss and damage. Any loss or damage caused by the return cannot be settled.

4. Time Limits of PostNL&Bpost investigation:

(a) The problems of the shipment should be reported within 4 months,or it will be unable to conduct investigatio.

(b) If the shipping number cannot be found in any PostNL or Bpost logistic system, the investigation will not be accepted;

(c) After the investigation of the package is started, the longest investigation time is 3 months. If PostNL or Bpost office are unable to recover your shipment sent within 3 months, you are entitled to compensation. And we can go for the claim procedure.

5. Claim Amount

When PostNL or Bpost confirms the claim amount and the claim return time of the package to our company, we will transfer it to you in time after receiving the amount!