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NLE-PostNL & Bpost package after-sales investigation and claim statement

Did you encounter any problem concerning PostNL/ BPOST parcels? 

The followings are the four most frequently found scenarios that could be applicable for an investigation: 

· No information was found on our track and trace page.

· No further update of the shipment on our track and trace page over 15 days.

· The parcel was damaged during the transport or delivery.

· The parcel is returned by the recipient or customs.

If you encounter any of the problems mentioned above, please kindly notify our after-sale department for further consultation. Please enclose the following detail in the e-mail: the barcode of your shipment, the PDF shipping label, and the Claim Form that you completed. 

NLE After-sale E-mail: service@nlebv.com  

1. The shipment has no update logistic information

Compensation for loss will be considered for an international shipment that has no logistic update over 30 days from the day of pick-up. Please notify us by forwarding your claim form (see the requested detail mentioned above). We will initiate the investigation with a confirmation e-mail within three working days of the notification. Once BPOST/PostNL completes the claim investigation, the client may be entitled to claim compensation for loss but not for the delay. 

2. The parcel arrived damaged 

We sincerely apologize if you have received a damaged parcel (wet, leaking, etc. ). We do all we can to keep your deliveries safe and secure but if something has gone wrong when you receive the parcel, we are here to help. We kindly recommend the recipient not decline to accept the shipment. Otherwise, the courier will return the shipment to its sender. The sender will have to bear all the costs and risks arising from the return of the parcel. Please request a damage report - CN24 from the carrier in person. In case that the courier is not willing to issue the CN24 Report, please inform the courier that no responsibility will lie with the courier.

 It is advised not to show any character that is less in favor of you on the report. For instance, the external packaging shows no sign of damage. Furthermore, we strongly recommend submitting the photographic evidence of the damaged parcel from all angles possible. The right to claim for the damaged item is valid for seven days of the delivery. Please submit your claims to our after-sale e-mail. BPOST and PostNL do not accept any claim after seven days of receiving the parcel. 

If the shipment is severely damaged, you could apply for the destruction of damaged goods and parcels. 

3. Parcel has been returned to sender

3a. If an item could not be delivered for any reason, the item would be sent back to the indicated return address, which is the sender's address on your shipping label. Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to intercept your parcel at this point. All costs and risks arising from the return of shipment will lie with the sender.


The shipment will be returned to our warehouse with a duration of 3 months or longer. Hence, we highly advised you to declare the contents and packaged your shipment in accordance with the rules and regulations to avoid additional expenses. 


 3b. The most frequently found causes of return are as followed:

· BPOST/PostNL failed to proceed with the shipping in the Netherlands, due to but not limited to incorrect labeling, or problems that occurred in the sorting center. 

· The customs officer decided to return the parcel after performing a regular inspection at the customs. The possible causes could be but not limited to prohibited items, high-value products, oversize contents, an incomplete or no label on the parcel, liquid items, suspected power, or the number of items in the parcel that exceeds the limit of personal use. 

· The courier in the destination country failed to deliver the parcel. For instance, the recipient refused to accept the parcel, the recipient failed to pay for the taxes arising at the customs, the sender provided the wrong address of the destination or no one shows up to collect the parcel.  

3c. We will notify you of the return parcel's status once we receive the confirmation of arrival from the warehouse. In the event of return before the departure to the destination country, the solution will be discussed per review.


3d. In accordance with the terms and conditions of BPOST/PostNL, all costs and risks arising from the return of the parcel will be subjected to the sender at a minimum of 21 euros. The followings are the options of return: 


· Picking up at the warehouse: NLE will charge the shipping cost of 21 euros on behalf of BPOST/PostNL, in addition to a service fee of 4 euros. The total costs are 25 euros.

· Shipping to your indicated address with a thirty-party logistic courier: NLE will charge the shipping cost of 21 euros on behalf of BPOST/PostNL, in addition to the shipping cost of the thirty-party logistic courier, which is amounted to 8 euros. The total costs are 29 euros.

· Disposing at the warehouse: NLE will charge the shipping cost of 21 euros on behalf of BPOST/PostNL. There is no additional cost. 

· Delivered to the indicated address by NLE: NLE will charge the shipping cost of 21 euros on behalf of BPOST/PostNL, in addition to a delivery fee of 5 euros. The total costs are 26 euros. 


All of the expenses arising from the return of the parcel will be deducted from your NLE account balance. Please make sure of a sufficient balance. 


Please keep in mind that the option of return must be indicated by replying to NLE customer service within 30 days of notification. Beyond this time limits, NLE will proceed to dispose of your return parcel and deduct the relevant expenses from your NLE account balance as default.


In case of parcel return caused by a fallen shipping label, NLE will inform BPOST/PostNL of the situation and make the best efforts to request a shipping cost refund upon your notification. EMS/BPOST/PostNL reserve the full rights of explanation and ultimate decision.  


4. Investigation:

4a. In accordance with the Conditions, BPOST/PostNL will only initiate an investigation if you notify us within 50  days of the date of parcel collection. Failure to request within this time limits which we may reasonably  invalidate your claim in which event you accept that you have no further remedies under this Agreement.

4b. The investigation request will not be accepted if the parcel barcode does not exist in the system of BPOST/PostNL.

4c. The maximum duration of an investigation is 90 days. In the event of no result after 90 days, a claim of loss will be submitted to BPOST/PostNL under NLE's assistance.

4d. BPOST/PostNL will review the supporting documents submitted, such as product receipts, photographic evidence of the damaged contents and parcel carton. Upon finalization of the investigation, a maximum of 100 euros will be compensated to NLE after which refunded to client's NLE account balance. The shipping costs do not apply to compensation following the terms and conditions of BPOST/PostNL. There may be instances that not withstanding any fault, there may be exclusions of liability which apply, for example, that the package is not sufficiently packed according to the conditions as mentioned , which has invalidated your claim. We recommend that you follow the packaging instruction correctly.

4e. In the event of loss, BPOST/PostNL will review the supporting documents submitted. BPOST/PostNL will issue a statement, including the total amount of compensation and the date of payment. The shipping costs do not apply to compensation following the terms and conditions of BPOST/PostNL. In spite of BPOST's inefficiency on claims, NLE will continuously follow up on the requested claims.

4f. Once the parcel departs from the warehouse of NLE and collected by BPOST/PostNL, no liability will be subjected to NLE.

5. Compensation 

As soon as NLE receives the full compensation payment from BPOST/PostNL, it will be topped up to your NLE account balance.