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EU Asia Express (EAX) is an advanced and reliable professional logistics line for package delivery from Europe to China. It is globally favoured by Chinese customers and gains full support of the Chinese government and China Customs Clearance. 

NL Express is the exclusive agent for EAX, providing fast and reliable service assuring the parcels to go smoothly to China through China Customs Clearance. For questions about our service, you can contact our customer service via NLEwechat.

Our flights depart directly from The Netherlands to China every day. Thanks to our well prepared completion of your order, the China Customs Clearance can handle all incoming goods easily and fast assuring your parcel can be delivered in no time. Moreover, our parcels will be distributed by our reliable partner SF Express or other big express companies (EMS,STO,stc.) which are nationally well-known for their high quality service, safely to the recipient. Under normal circumstances, the domestic recipient receives the order in two weeks.


You can send at most 5 EAX parcels each time because EUASIA have more than 5 clearance ports to confirm your parcel can be successfully delivered to your receivers safe and quickly. EAX grocery line has been developed to send more kinds of parcels from Europe to China.

Highly efficient customs clearance by submitting all the required documents for declaration.
Multiple express companies with high reputation covers all areas nationwide. 
All parcels can be tracked during the entire shipment. Compensation can be completed within two weeks.
The length of customs clearance cannot be guaranteed due to the complex and lengthy procedures.
Only EMS is responsible for delivering parcels, it takes longer time to deliver parcels to rural areas.
The duration of dealing with the investigation and compensation request can take up to three months.