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Nederlands Express, NLExpress ( hereinafter referred to as NLE ), headquartered in the Netherlands, is the earliest and largest professional international logistics company in the Netherlands engaged in international logistics delivery, warehousing operations, air transportation, freight forwarding and other logistics distribution solutions. It is also the only Chinese logistics company with Internet technology companies in the Dutch market. NLE's transportation network covers all Europe and has established a long-term strategic partnership with well-known companies such as Eurasia Special Line, Dutch Post, Belgian Post and China Southern Airlines. NLE provides delivery services for customers to send packages from Holland and Europe to China and other countries, as well as services such as air transportation of bulk goods, container scheme and overseas storage management, which are tailored to customers' needs and are highly trusted by customers. NLE takes care of every package. Through NLE, you can not only save expensive package delivery costs, but also enjoy the best package delivery experience. Since August 2015, NLE has moved its headquarters to Nieuw-Vennep in Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, further improving transport efficiency. 

 It is NLE's consistent style to dare to innovate and make positive decisions. In the face of rapid changes in the market, NLE has always responded positively and constantly adjusted. Since its development, NLE has set up branches in Germany, Italy and China. The company's rapid development has benefited from the company's efficient customer relationship management and extensive cooperation with partners. NLE would be grateful if customers in both places could provide high-quality customer service, and the affordable price would also make NLE more competitive in the same industry and always be in the leading position.

Our Service

NLE offers more than what its customers expect. NLE’s customer loyalty is strong because of its CRM, including promotions and service. The company provides special promotions during Chinese holidays such as the Mid-Autumn festival and Chinese New Year. NLE’s Customer Service enables people to ask questions, address any concerns and get responses to their questions about their parcel shipment within 24 hours. Our team of representatives is fluent in Chinese, English and Dutch and 24/7 available to serve the customers. 

Our Mission 

NLE aims to provide a fast, professional and reliable service to its customers. The company’s objective is to provide efficient express service in order to maintain customer satisfaction. NLE continuously improve their service to develop long-term relationships with its customers and partners.