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Nederlands Express Domestics Parcel Aftersale Service

1.Cancellation Policy for Domestic Shipments

The status will be shown as “Paid” for those parcel that have not yet been collected by carrier. Cancellation is available on MyNLE, by following steps: “Order management” – “Domestic orders” – “Parcels”. You can find the “Refund” next to the corresponding parcel barcode. The amount to be refunded and the reasons of refund are essential to submit the request. The customer service will review and finalize your request in a timeframe of 48 hours.

2. The claims for parcels will be rejected by NLE if including but not limited to the following scenarios: 

2.1  There is external damage to the packaging, but the contents inside are not damaged and the food contents remain comfortably comestible.

2.2  For shipments with fragile contents (cake, glass, porcelain, bottles, injections, infusions, etc.), the Carrier will handle very carefully and cautiously but not be liable for any damage claims if the package has been damaged (even if any part of the contents have been damaged in any manner).

2.3  The shipping label falls off the parcel or part of label is missing due to improper labelling, meanwhile the shelf life does not allow the parcel to be delivered again. 

2.4  The parcel failed to inbound and/or outbound for delivery due to missing reservation, meanwhile the shelf life does not allow the parcel to be delivered again. 

2.5a Under this contract “force majeure” means: any circumstance which is independent of the will of the parties, as a result of which performance of the contract cannot reasonably be required of NLE, whether temporarily or permanently. Force majeure shall in any event include: (civil) war and the threat of (civil) war, natural disasters, strikes, excessive absenteeism of NLE employees, transport problems, fire, lack of raw materials, government measures by any government whether in the Netherlands or elsewhere, in any event including import and export prohibitions, quota schemes, and breakdowns at NLE or at suppliers of NLE, as well as non-performance or force majeure on the part of suppliers as a result of which NLE is not or no longer able to meet its obligations to the Customer.

2.5b  In the event of force majeure NLE is entitled to terminate the contract, or suspend performance of the contract until the circumstance that causes the force majeure has ceased to exist.

2.5c  Party A is entitled to require payment for any acts carried out in connection with execution of the contract prior to the force majeure having occurred.

2.6   The parcel is oversize to fit in the cooling box hence causing the food products goes spoiled. 

2.7  If the damage of yout parcel caused by your improper packing or there is liquid goods in your package, the clains wil not be accepted. 

3. Compensation 

3.1  In case if the parcel failed to be delivered on the selected date due to human error in operation, and the shelf life of the products allows it to be stored until the next delivery date, the claims will not be accepted. 

3.2  You will be entitled to claim up to 50% of the contents face value you requested, if the parcel failed to be delivered for a second time and the fact that liability lies with NLE staffers. In event of force majeure, NLE shall notify Buyer immediately upon realization that it will not be able to deliver the Goods as promised yet the Client shall not be entitled to any compensation.

3.3  The liability is limited to 80 Euros in event of loss, in addition to shipping cost refund. The amount of compensation will be determined after the assessment of content value. 

3.4  The Client shall not be entitled to any compensation or damages for any such loss in event of force majeure. 

4. Time limits 

4.1  For claim of damage, it is required to submit images and supporting documentation within 48 hours of delivery as follows:

(a)Photographic evidence of the damaged contents

(b)Photographic evidence of the damaged parcel carton

Failure to provide any evidence and documentation which we may reasonably request may invalidate your claim in which event you accept that you have no further remedies under this Agreement.

4.2  The compensation will be transferred to the ERP account balance within 30 working days upon the finalization of investigation. 

5. Liabilities and rights

5.1  For any dispute in any manner, NLE Domestic Parcel reserves all rights for final explanation and decision. 

5.2  NLE Domestic Parcel reserves all rights for amendments of the policy.

5.3  The following item are prohibited to deliver: counterfeit goods, animals, bullion, currency, gem stones; weapons, explosives and ammunition; human remains; illegal items, such as ivory and narcotics, and the items that are classified as hazardous material, dangerous goods, prohibited or restricted articles by the law of European Union.