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Cross-border E-commerce Annual Personal Quota Enquiry

According to the national policy, the annual personal transaction limit for cross-border e-commerce retail imports is RMB 26,000. If the limit is exceeded, the parcel will not be able to enter the customs clearance system. ID cards that exceed the usage limit have been blacklisted by Customs and cannot be used, thus resulting in parcels being stranded in warehouses.

However, because the policy implementation process is not perfect, a big problem is that the consumer is not aware of the excess limit.

EAX reminds you that in order to facilitate the smooth mailing of your cross-border parcels, before placing an order, please log on to the "Cross-border e-commerce annual personal quota enquiry" system and enter the recipient's name and ID card number to inquire about the use of your recipient's annual quota. If the ID card has little available balance left, please make sure you change your recipient when making an order.

Cross-border E-commerce Annual Personal Credit Enquiry Website: http://ceb2pub.chinaport.gov.cn/limit/outIndex