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When should I pay for the 5 Euros pick-up fee? What if I also have a MyEuShop order?

Pick-up/ delivery fee will be collected under the following circumstances:

1. The total value of packaging materials delivered is less than 80 euros if no parcel is collected.

2. Less than two parcels or no parcel is collected.

3. No response to the driver’s phone call when arrive.


To cancel the pick-up/ delivery schedule:


Ø  Before the day of pick-up/ delivery:

(a) Go to “Order Management”

(b) Click “Reservation Information” – “Reservation Record”

(c) Click “Cancel Appointment” next to your schedule and confirm.


Ø  On the day of pick-up/ delivery:

Please contact your driver or customer service to cancel the reservation. You can find the driver’s contact on our official WeChat account “NLE 荷兰快递”. Once the cancellation is accepted, it is impossible to schedule another one on the same day.


NLE and MyEUShop are independent of each other. Hence, you will be charged a pick-up/ delivery fee if you did not fulfill the exemption requirements for NLE, even if you have a MyEuShop order in the meantime.