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1. Notes for picking up parcels
  • ————————————————————
  • a. NLE drviers will go to pick up the parcels by the fix route arranged in the morning, and they depart from the company usually from:9:30am.In order not to affect the pick-up / delivery of the following customers, NLE drivers do not accept the customer's on-site packaging and inventory of My EU Shop orders. please prepare your package in advance, thank you for your understanding! If you have ordered packing materials, you need to check them on site!

  • b. Due to different road conditions and a series of uncertain factors, it's not possible to know the specific time when driver arrives.  Follow our wechat to know more information about the driver's schedule and their phone numbers.

  • c. Keep your phone connected or else you will miss the driver's pick-up.

  • d. If you only have one parcel to send, we will charge you an additional 5 Euro as pick-up fee, two or more parcels no pick-up free.

  • e. Please cancel your reservation in advance when our driver contacts you by phone, If you are not available or not yet ready for pick up, If you do not cancel your reservation prior to the driver arriving at your designated address , a €5 charge will be applied to your account. Thank you for your cooperation!

  • f. Each parcel should contain the correct and complete address information of the receiver. For parcels with no labels and/or address information, we will charge 2 euro additional fee.

 *For a non-Dutch pick-up address, please contact our customer service 088-668-1234 or send an e-mail to order@nlebv.nl for more information.

2. Notes for EAX Parcels
  • ————————————————————

    a. EAX shipping label only have one page for each parcel. You can print the label and tied on your parcel by transparent address bag or tape.

    b. Be aware that the purchase receipts, any newspaper or supermarket brochure with goods' price are not allowed to be placed in the parcel! Otherwise, you will be responsible for the consequences.

    c. Make sure that the parcel information is accurate and complete. If the receipt or newspaper is found in the parcel, a fine of 10 euros will be imposed. If the number of segments or the brand is misplaced, a fine of 10 euros will be imposed. Contains entrained items and is fined 20 euros. If the items in your package are completely inconsistent with the declared order information, the customs will impose a fine of 50 euros on you and add it to the blacklist!

    d. Please complete the shipping address in Chinese characters, as well as details of the contents of the parcel.

    e. Each parcel must contain the correct contact phone number of the recipient in case the distributor fails to deliver the parcel.

    f. Please use professional packing materialse (such as FOB box,bubble wrap, air column, etc.) to pack your parcels. 

    g. If you don't have a printer, and paid for the label-posting fee, you need to write the receiver's address on the box,and you'd better take a photo about your parcel before being taken away. 

3. Notes for postnl/bpost parcels
    • ————————————————————
      • Make sure all the information on your shipping label is correct, modifing the receiver's information is impossible once parcels are collected by our drivers or dropped off at PostNL offices.

      • Please print the shipping labels and attach them on your parcel. (The PostNL shipping label contains two pages. Please put the shipping label into the transparent plastic envelop or tape these two pages separately on your parcel with transparent scotch tape if you do not have plastic envelop. The face sheets of BPOST packages need to be all printed. You need to expose this page with the barcode beginning with " M2M" to the outside so that people at BPOST post office can scan it easily.

      • The Online system will make price adjustment based on the weight difference after parcels scanned in our warehouse if the weight of your parcel is not consistent with the weight that you filled in when you place your order in our system.

      • Please include the addressee information in Chinese on your parcel. Make sure the addressee information that attached on the parcel is consistent with the shipping label on your parcel. 

      • In case of need, please properly keep the receipts of your parcel contents, photos of your parcel until your parcel is successfully delivered.

      • The PostNL shipping label is only valid for the region of Mainland of China and the PostNL shipping label is valid for two weeks after it is created. Please DO NOT USE it once it has been created more than two weeks.

      • Bpost supports service to the world.

  • Bpost Weight: max. 30kg. 

    • total (1x length) + (2x width) + (2x height) < 3 meters

  • • maximum length, width and height < 1.5 meters

  • PostNL Weight : max. 20kg. 

  • Total: length  * width * height  < 1 meter * 0.5meter * 0.5meter

  • If your package exceeds the dimensions limitations, we are not able to accept your parcel.
  • If the parcel exceeds the weight limit, the parcel will not be guaranteed to be sent successfully and, once checked, we will charge a penalty.

4. What items can not be sent?

Image result for 禁止邮寄物品

Prohibited postal articles refers to the articles prohibited from posting by state laws, regulations, mainly including the follows:

      • a. Weapons and ammunitions, such as guns, bullets, artillery shells, grenades, mines, bombs, etc.

      • b. Explosive articles, such as detonators, explosives, gunpowder, firecrackers, etc. 

      • c. Combustible articles, including liquids, gases and solids, such as gasoline, kerosene, tung oil, alcohol, raw lacquer, diesel, aerosols, gas lighters, gas cylinders, phosphorus, sulphur, matches, etc. 

      • d. Perishable articles, such as fire sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, organic solvents, pesticides, hydrogen peroxide, dangerous chemicals, etc. 

      • e. Radioactive elements and containers, such as uranium, cobalt, radium, and plutonium, etc. 

      • f. Hard poisons, such as thallium, cyanide, arsenic, etc 

      • g. All anesthetics, such as opiates (including pericarpium papaveris, flower, shell and leaf), morphine, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, ephedrine and other products. All bio-chemical products and epidemic articles, such as anthrax, the dangerous viruses, medical wastes, etc. 

      • h. All publications, promotion materials, printed matters and others that threaten the state security, social and political stability, or are pornographic. 

      • i. Articles undermine public health, such as skeleton, animal organs, body parts, and untanned hides and non-pharmaceutical animal bones.

      • j. Articles expressly prohibited from circulation, postal, or going inbound and outbound by state laws, regulations, administrative regulations, such as state confidential documents and materials, state cash and counterfeit cash, negotiable securities, simulative weapons, restrained knives, precious relics, endangered wildlife and products thereof, and other articles. 

      • k. Improperly packaged articles that may harm personal security, pollute or damage other postal articles and facilities. 

      • l. Articles prohibited from post import by the destination country (region). Other articles prohibited from posting.